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Biopark Valencia - Tourism in Spain - Company Home-VS

" Biopark Valencia ", opened in 2008 , is a perfect example of inexhaustible imagination of the Spanish inhabitants of the city, and their aspirations for the future. The very name - " Biopark " demonstrates that this corner of nature is different from the usual zoo as "Ferrari " from " a couple of bay ." There is no longer barred cages and enclosures with sad animals taken out of their habitat . Park space is organized in accordance with the modern concept of the " zoo- inmerson ." It involves a thorough reconstruction of the natural habitat of animals ( landscape , soil , vegetation ) and the absence of visible eye barriers separating him "population" from the " guests." With this approach, there is a complete sense of "immersion" in wildlife.

From Valencia to go to Africa just walk 145 meters along the bridge over the old Turia riverbed in the city park Kabesera . Now open for viewing 3 zones: the "African savannah ", " Madagascar " and " Sub-Saharan Africa ." In the future, it is expected to add two more : " South East Asia" and " neotropics ."



Refreshment before a long walk in the café - restaurant , which is housed in a traditional African house with a thatched roof.

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