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Biopark Valencia - Tourism in Spain - Company Home-VS

"Biopark Valencia", opened in 2008, is a perfect example of inexhaustible imagination inhabitants of this Spanish city, and their aspirations for the future. The name itself - "Biopark" indicates that this area of ​​wildlife differs from the usual Zoo as "Ferrari" from "couples bay." There is no longer barred cages and aviaries with sad animals taken out of their natural habitat. Park space is organized according to the modern concept of "zoo-inmerson." It involves a thorough reconstruction of the natural habitat of animals (landscape, soil, vegetation) and the absence of visible eye barriers separating its "population" of the "guests". With this approach, there is a complete sense of "immersion" in wildlife.

From Valencia to go to Africa just walk 145 meters along the bridge over the old Turia riverbed in the city park Kabesera. Now open for visits 3 zones: the "African savannah", "Madagascar" and "Sub-Saharan Africa." In the future, it is expected to add two more: "Southeast Asia" and "the Neotropics."



Eat before a long walk in the café-restaurant, which is housed in a traditional African house with a thatched roof.

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